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Simon Wilkins

Simon has played guitar since he was ten, starting on classical but joining his first band on bass aged thirteen. Having achieved Grade 8 and a degree in music from the University College of North Wales, he continued to play both fretless bass and electric guitar in a wide variety of bands and styles ranging from jazz, reggae, blues and free improvisation and as a session man recorded music for tv and film. Throughout this time he taught guitar and bass in schools and privately, many former students going on to work in the industry with some distinction.

More recently he has toured with Alan Davey’s Psychedelic Warlords in the UK and Finland. Closer to home, he has played with Paddy Stratton, Jan Jinkerson, Max Middleton and others whilst developing a solo set of his own compositions on acoustic guitar with a loop pedal and his much beloved Hall of Fame reverb.

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